Thank you for making the decision to help young people learn the joy, camaraderie and knowledge gained through the choral community. Click on the donate link below to help young singers realize their dreams!

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Podium Society

We are grateful for any sized gift you would like to make in support of these programs for children and young people. If you are able, we invite you to consider becoming a member of the Podium Society, a generous group of donors who give at least $1,000 or more a year, or who are making a legacy gift to the Fund for Tomorrow through their will.

If you are considering a bequest (indicating in your will a donation of a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate to Fund for Tomorrow), we invite you to make that arrangement with the attorney who is assisting you with your estate plans. Then, please notify us so that we may recognize your generosity.

Monthly Supporters

Could you become a sustaining donor and pledge at least $15 of monthly support to this work? Just contact Sundra Flansburg in ACDA’s national office to make arrangements.

Commemorative Gifts

Would you like to honor or remember someone with your gift? We would be delighted to recognize that and send the person or their family a note sharing the fact that you made a commemorative gift in their name (but not the amount). If you make your gift online, email Sundra Flansburg (1) indicating your wishes (in honor of or in memory of), (2) the name of the person honored, and (3) a mailing address for that person or their family, as appropriate. If you mail a check, just include a note with that information in the envelope.

Mailing Your Gift

You may also give to the fund by mailing a check or money order made out to ACDA, with Fund for Tomorrow in the memo line, to:

ACDA Fund for Tomorrow
PO Box 1705
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1705


Photo courtesy Canterbury Youth Choruses. Judith Willoughby, Artistic Director.